Pencil Test: Bearger

Here is a pencil test for an animation I have been working on, I need to tweak some timing aspects and obviously will clean it up quite a bit but for now I am pretty happy with it as a pencil test

Bearger from Levi Lambright on Vimeo.


Bennik and the minions of Doom

This is my final for my 3D class this semester. Originally we had to create a sidekick/rival for Robby the Robot of the Forbidden planet and then our final assignment was to use the skills and create whatever we want. I liked the ideas of creating sidekick so I decided to create minions for my evil Rival of Robby,Bennik. So behold. The MINIONS OF DOOM!!!!!

T-shirt design that I sketched out over the summer but did nothing with it until recently.It’s finals week, and it has inadvertently motivated to go and finish old projects…weird, but anyway here is the finished product