Main Character Part 3

So….. I have been continuing work on fleshing out a main character. I want it to be a boy, who is young and either small and compact or tall and very elongated. With a small body I would lean towards using facial expression to show his emotion while I feel a taller character would be ideal to portray emotion through body language. So with out further ado here are some sketches

Here is the smaller compact character,no sure if he is to have a mouth or placement of that if he does.

Here are a few more bunny sketches along with the bunny and possible main character

These are some sketches trying to use the elongated body to show some emotion.

here are some more facial expressions along with a variation on the character


The never ending process:bunnies

Ok so lately I have been chucking away in the sketch world so I thought I would give a little update on where I’m an and where I’m not this is some more exploration of the character that I am creating this is still in a young boy fashion and kind of generic. The character in the bottom left is heavily inspired by Sonic the hedgehog in terms of design. Big head, big eyes, small but not skinny body.

This is the beginning of the never ending bunny drawings. I wanted to maybe create a bunny character to either be an ally or some sort of catalyst in terms of moving the story . Like maybe the bunny has something and the character chases him and some sort of journey beings, he goes down the rabbit hole.The reason for the bunny is because I wanted to create a character with some sort of symbolism and in some cultures the bunny represents overcoming the past. which I thought could be interesting in terms of moving forward in one’s life.

Here are a few more bunnies. Alot of the inspiration for these come from artist such as Craig McCracken, JG Quintel, Dan Seddon, and Skottie Young

Getting closer

At this point I think I have a direction in which I want to go in terms of character design for the main character. I have started to shy away from having the character be from such a specific time period or place and focused more on creating a character that is not necessarily generic but in a way is. I want to have a character that I can do anything with with out the limitations of putting them in a certain time period or culture. These two designs are pretty early and after sketching them out more I found that I am not to fond of them so I keep on exploring .

At this point the character is getting closer but not to where I want. I always liked simple characters. when done right they can be very appealing. Also I was thinking I dont want to have a character that is overdone and has a lot going on because 1) it would be way harder to animate and i am still a beginner and 2) I kind of want the backgrounds to tell a story and not solely rely on the character to do that.

Here is kind of a finalized version of that character.It has been a few days since I drew this and to be honest I’m not in love with this particular design…..Must……keep…… sketching !!!!!!

Here is the beginnings of a possible female character created in the same vein as the previous. Simple and elegant. Also here is the beginnings of a possible rabbit character. More on that later.

Sketches ! Sketches ! Sketches ! and concepts

This sketch is one that I made while exploring some Indian cultures. I fell in love with some of their clothing and accessories and quickly found myself just doodling more and more of this characters. I have a roommate who is of Chaldean decent and he told me a bit about their culture and some of the customs. Living with him has already introduced me to some of his cultures customs and one thing I always took a liking too was how friendly his people are and how generous and house warming the environment always is around them. So i took  this into account and wanted to create a boy who was very calm  modest and warming to others. I felt this could create an interesting character if I where to put him in a context of danger or making moral decisions that could affect lives

this sketch has some writing where I was brainstorming some scenarios for the hero to be in. Also it contains a couple koala bear sketches. I have always liked koala bears and was playing around with the idea of a koala bear sidekick

this last sketch is some more of the Indian culture sketches along with some ideas, of whether the journey is like a funnel. Is my main character trying to find his path or find something that is much bigger then just his own path?

Some early Sketches

Here are a few early sketches I have been working on in developing some character’s for my project. Basically From the get go I wanted the animation to feature a young child as the protagonist. This is because I feel a child can represent so much of the feelings that I want to invoke. A child is so small compared to the world and I wanted that sense of scale that makes the viewer feel of how much life and his journey is so much bigger the n him yet he still is not afraid to take on the adventure. Its creates a very interesting juxtaposition of the scale of life and the preciousness of it as well.

the above image is just some random exploring with expression’s and such but the top part is that sense of scale I am looking to create

Here are some concepts of a character that is born in a rich empire. At the time of this sketch I was researching ancient Japanese empires and time period and came across a time period known as Sakoko which was a time period in the 1600’s that last nearly two hundreds years. During this time period no would could leave nor enter japan, or they would be subjected to the death penalty. I thought this was very interesting when thinking about that in the context of someone being restricted in life. Like they can see the guiding light,their destination.But an outside source restricts them from reaching it, or what would they risk in order to reach that “destination” or “potential”.

IP Project brief and where I am going

So IP has begun and I think it’s time to start with the posting of the progress  for the first two weeks or so of IP most of my time has been dedicated to researching various animations and cultures and stories in order to find a concept that I really was into and wanted to pursue. So after many mind maps, sketching and research my story has slowly but surely come together.

As of right now its about a journey. The journey that we all take in life when we are trying to find the true potential of our lives and what it can be. However it’s also about why that drive to reach that potential is there and what about that journey motivates us or causes us not to pursue that “hidden” potential we all are told we possess. I want to show that sometimes it’s not always the end goal that’s the most important part. Sometimes it’s the journey which creates the destination and not so much the actions we force.

I have to attribute alot of my inspiration for the look and mood that I want from my piece to the works of Genndy Tartakovsky ‘s “Samurai Jack”,“Puppet “by Patrick smith, Pixar’s Day and night, Toei Animations” The Little Prince and the 8 headed Dragon”,Carl Campbell’s “Starless Night”, and Jack Wyatt’s” Metro”.

That’s just to name a few.