IP Project brief and where I am going

So IP has begun and I think it’s time to start with the posting of the progress  for the first two weeks or so of IP most of my time has been dedicated to researching various animations and cultures and stories in order to find a concept that I really was into and wanted to pursue. So after many mind maps, sketching and research my story has slowly but surely come together.

As of right now its about a journey. The journey that we all take in life when we are trying to find the true potential of our lives and what it can be. However it’s also about why that drive to reach that potential is there and what about that journey motivates us or causes us not to pursue that “hidden” potential we all are told we possess. I want to show that sometimes it’s not always the end goal that’s the most important part. Sometimes it’s the journey which creates the destination and not so much the actions we force.

I have to attribute alot of my inspiration for the look and mood that I want from my piece to the works of Genndy Tartakovsky ‘s “Samurai Jack”,“Puppet “by Patrick smith, Pixar’s Day and night, Toei Animations” The Little Prince and the 8 headed Dragon”,Carl Campbell’s “Starless Night”, and Jack Wyatt’s” Metro”.

That’s just to name a few.


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