Sketches ! Sketches ! Sketches ! and concepts

This sketch is one that I made while exploring some Indian cultures. I fell in love with some of their clothing and accessories and quickly found myself just doodling more and more of this characters. I have a roommate who is of Chaldean decent and he told me a bit about their culture and some of the customs. Living with him has already introduced me to some of his cultures customs and one thing I always took a liking too was how friendly his people are and how generous and house warming the environment always is around them. So i took  this into account and wanted to create a boy who was very calm  modest and warming to others. I felt this could create an interesting character if I where to put him in a context of danger or making moral decisions that could affect lives

this sketch has some writing where I was brainstorming some scenarios for the hero to be in. Also it contains a couple koala bear sketches. I have always liked koala bears and was playing around with the idea of a koala bear sidekick

this last sketch is some more of the Indian culture sketches along with some ideas, of whether the journey is like a funnel. Is my main character trying to find his path or find something that is much bigger then just his own path?


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