Some early Sketches

Here are a few early sketches I have been working on in developing some character’s for my project. Basically From the get go I wanted the animation to feature a young child as the protagonist. This is because I feel a child can represent so much of the feelings that I want to invoke. A child is so small compared to the world and I wanted that sense of scale that makes the viewer feel of how much life and his journey is so much bigger the n him yet he still is not afraid to take on the adventure. Its creates a very interesting juxtaposition of the scale of life and the preciousness of it as well.

the above image is just some random exploring with expression’s and such but the top part is that sense of scale I am looking to create

Here are some concepts of a character that is born in a rich empire. At the time of this sketch I was researching ancient Japanese empires and time period and came across a time period known as Sakoko which was a time period in the 1600’s that last nearly two hundreds years. During this time period no would could leave nor enter japan, or they would be subjected to the death penalty. I thought this was very interesting when thinking about that in the context of someone being restricted in life. Like they can see the guiding light,their destination.But an outside source restricts them from reaching it, or what would they risk in order to reach that “destination” or “potential”.


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