Getting closer

At this point I think I have a direction in which I want to go in terms of character design for the main character. I have started to shy away from having the character be from such a specific time period or place and focused more on creating a character that is not necessarily generic but in a way is. I want to have a character that I can do anything with with out the limitations of putting them in a certain time period or culture. These two designs are pretty early and after sketching them out more I found that I am not to fond of them so I keep on exploring .

At this point the character is getting closer but not to where I want. I always liked simple characters. when done right they can be very appealing. Also I was thinking I dont want to have a character that is overdone and has a lot going on because 1) it would be way harder to animate and i am still a beginner and 2) I kind of want the backgrounds to tell a story and not solely rely on the character to do that.

Here is kind of a finalized version of that character.It has been a few days since I drew this and to be honest I’m not in love with this particular design…..Must……keep…… sketching !!!!!!

Here is the beginnings of a possible female character created in the same vein as the previous. Simple and elegant. Also here is the beginnings of a possible rabbit character. More on that later.


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