The never ending process:bunnies

Ok so lately I have been chucking away in the sketch world so I thought I would give a little update on where I’m an and where I’m not this is some more exploration of the character that I am creating this is still in a young boy fashion and kind of generic. The character in the bottom left is heavily inspired by Sonic the hedgehog in terms of design. Big head, big eyes, small but not skinny body.

This is the beginning of the never ending bunny drawings. I wanted to maybe create a bunny character to either be an ally or some sort of catalyst in terms of moving the story . Like maybe the bunny has something and the character chases him and some sort of journey beings, he goes down the rabbit hole.The reason for the bunny is because I wanted to create a character with some sort of symbolism and in some cultures the bunny represents overcoming the past. which I thought could be interesting in terms of moving forward in one’s life.

Here are a few more bunnies. Alot of the inspiration for these come from artist such as Craig McCracken, JG Quintel, Dan Seddon, and Skottie Young


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