A new direction

The main problem I have been dealing with is trying to find a story. I was hoping the research I was doing would navigate me towards a story I would like to tell. In some ways it did but it not enough to the point where it was a story I was excited about or could  inject the ideas and morals I wanted to. So after discussions with my professors and colleagues it finally just hit me in a way. My professor suggested the idea of a guy on and island when a bottle washed up. I thought how cliche that was and how I wanted to be original, but then the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of taking something that seemed cliche and being able to put my own twist on it in order to fit the direction I wanted for my piece. so the stranded island is the way I am going and I’m very excited to dig into this and really get a great adventure out of it. So here are some sketches that I have done since the story has come to me.



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