Some Short clips

Lately I have been hard at work on various scenes of my animation. I have very few “finished” scenes, as in I have done all the animation but have not compiled them in After Effects and rendered them out. However I had a little time today to finish a few little scenes and I wanted to share them.

The first scene is of the stranded character chasing the ghostly message that has been alluding him through the story. The message represents a certain knowledge and curiosity that he cannot help but seek, but not only does the message represent these things but it also signifies that though his journey in seeking this “knowledge” he is changing as a person for the better. His overcoming of obstacles in his pursuit is creating a growth within him.

The second scene is when the main character is face with a choice. Before him is a burning rage of flames and it stand between him and the message. He looks back to see that behind him( his Past) there is nothing, and that the only logical thing is to move forward. However that mean he must go through the flames. How logical is that ?


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