Get UP


Here is some work for the day, it’s of my character getting up and seeing something that gives him quite the surprise.

Also a Quote of the day

Aww whats the matter? You’re the one who started this game. Now youre losing and you dont want to play any more.


Falling, Running, and a Yoda Quote

So today I finished two pencil tests of some scenes from my animation. I’m really pleased with the look of them and how quickly I finished them. I am slowly getting to a point where it’s not as hard to visualize certain movements, and it’s really nice.

On that note I’ll let the animation do the talking today. Soon enough my children a finished product we shall see !!!!!!

“Luke: I can’t believe it.
Yoda: That is why you fail.”

-Star Wars V

Run Cycles


So…….today and the last few days I have been working on some run cycles for my thesis animation. A lot of the animation involves my character running and being chased or chasing, so getting run cycles down is pretty essential to making this animation successful. Also I have had a lot of fun learning how to animate these, I think runs and fast moving animation is slowly becoming my favorite thing to draw. I feel these cycles are pretty good, some tweaking will probably made, but for now I’m happy with them.

Key Frames on Run Cycles

Well now that I have been getting some animation work done. I have decided to go ahead and start key framing all the run cycles in my animation.For what ever reason, run cycles come pretty naturally to me and I really enjoy them the most. Considering that quite a few scenes are run cycles in the animation I have decided to turn my focus to that for the time being. So far today I have two run cycles near completion each one running on 8’s. This basically means that a full step is done in 8 frames. So it’s not to much drawing, but plotting out the motion and making sure it looks fluid and fun takes a bit more time. It’s really more tweaking then anything else.

I am not compositing the run cycles today, because I want to just key frame them all before I go in and color them, but here is an image of the run cycles key frames.The images make the run look a little messy since they are not coloring in, but soon enough my children. You will see.image



Another Update

So after the completion of my latest animatic I have been working on animating individual scenes. The latest scene that I have begun working on is when the lead character awakes to see his wife gone and a note in her place. This scene involves a quick turn for when he suddenly wakes up, apparently from a bad dream, and then a hold where he is left to wonder why and where his wife has gone. image