Get UP


Here is some work for the day, it’s of my character getting up and seeing something that gives him quite the surprise.

Also a Quote of the day

Aww whats the matter? You’re the one who started this game. Now youre losing and you dont want to play any more.


Falling, Running, and a Yoda Quote

So today I finished two pencil tests of some scenes from my animation. I’m really pleased with the look of them and how quickly I finished them. I am slowly getting to a point where it’s not as hard to visualize certain movements, and it’s really nice.

On that note I’ll let the animation do the talking today. Soon enough my children a finished product we shall see !!!!!!

“Luke: I can’t believe it.
Yoda: That is why you fail.”

-Star Wars V

Run Cycles


So…….today and the last few days I have been working on some run cycles for my thesis animation. A lot of the animation involves my character running and being chased or chasing, so getting run cycles down is pretty essential to making this animation successful. Also I have had a lot of fun learning how to animate these, I think runs and fast moving animation is slowly becoming my favorite thing to draw. I feel these cycles are pretty good, some tweaking will probably made, but for now I’m happy with them.

Key Frames on Run Cycles

Well now that I have been getting some animation work done. I have decided to go ahead and start key framing all the run cycles in my animation.For what ever reason, run cycles come pretty naturally to me and I really enjoy them the most. Considering that quite a few scenes are run cycles in the animation I have decided to turn my focus to that for the time being. So far today I have two run cycles near completion each one running on 8’s. This basically means that a full step is done in 8 frames. So it’s not to much drawing, but plotting out the motion and making sure it looks fluid and fun takes a bit more time. It’s really more tweaking then anything else.

I am not compositing the run cycles today, because I want to just key frame them all before I go in and color them, but here is an image of the run cycles key frames.The images make the run look a little messy since they are not coloring in, but soon enough my children. You will see.image



Another Update

So after the completion of my latest animatic I have been working on animating individual scenes. The latest scene that I have begun working on is when the lead character awakes to see his wife gone and a note in her place. This scene involves a quick turn for when he suddenly wakes up, apparently from a bad dream, and then a hold where he is left to wonder why and where his wife has gone. image


Latest in IP news

So this week we had presentations for the IP projects. Needless to say they were tough. For me personally it’s getting easier to tell what my story is about but at the same time, I myself and not 100 percent concrete with the entire story so it makes it a little hard to come off as 100 percent about everything I’m doing at this point. This lead to some shaky tidbits during my presentation and I think it hurt it a lot. My story for the first two acts is pretty concrete but the conclusion is still a little up in the air. In a way I like this though because Just as my story is a journey so is the creation of it and I’m not at the end yet.Also I found that I need to start compiling a lot more scenes. I have a lot of the bare animation done, but they are not colored in and lack that finishing touch so I can render them out as scenes, and it’s a little hard to showcase an animation piece with little animation to show.So lately I have been working on finishing a lot of the scenes that I have the animation done for. I really would like to upload them to Youtube and show them here, but It’s just not in my interest to post every scene I have to leave a little to the imagination before I show it as a whole.

Also, I have made some more head way in regards to the story. Like I said the first two acts are concrete but after the practice presentation I was left with some great suggestions. I’m defiantly going to add in more scenes, that showcase my character’s struggle thought the various environments. I originally liked the change of environments from just an aesthetic view, but I think they can serve as important character building devices.It kind of goes along with a new summary of my story I recently jotted down “It’s about overcoming obstacles along the way,and how if you really want something you can achieve it. The story relates to my life in the past 7 months or so.I was not in a place in my life where I liked who I was. I wasn’t happy, almost depressed really. I thought I’d never change,and for a while I didn’t think I could. Then after much self reflection I decided to take a chance on my self.I took a chance and it was hard. Along the way of this pursuit I faced a lot of inner demons and trials that really warranted me stop this pursuit , but for whatever reason a little voice or something just told me to keep going. I never lost track of my goal, my pursuit, my thirst for a new me. I finally got there and I reached a sense of enlightenment and self fulfillment.This is what I want for my character in the story,he sits there sad, alone, dissatisfied with the path his life his led too,but then for whatever reason life hands him a second chance and though he doesn’t know what will happen he pursues it and it leads him on a journey to his own self fulfillment.”

Some Short clips

Lately I have been hard at work on various scenes of my animation. I have very few “finished” scenes, as in I have done all the animation but have not compiled them in After Effects and rendered them out. However I had a little time today to finish a few little scenes and I wanted to share them.

The first scene is of the stranded character chasing the ghostly message that has been alluding him through the story. The message represents a certain knowledge and curiosity that he cannot help but seek, but not only does the message represent these things but it also signifies that though his journey in seeking this “knowledge” he is changing as a person for the better. His overcoming of obstacles in his pursuit is creating a growth within him.

The second scene is when the main character is face with a choice. Before him is a burning rage of flames and it stand between him and the message. He looks back to see that behind him( his Past) there is nothing, and that the only logical thing is to move forward. However that mean he must go through the flames. How logical is that ?