The Levi Lambright experience

Once again the pressure keeps strolling in. This time regarding the future. It’s scary to think I will not have the comfort of the University in less then 6 months. I started seriously job searching and I knew it was time to revamp the entire website. So this past week I finally dedicated a great amount of time to doing so. I completely took down my old Website bought a domain and with he help of Blogger and WordPress was able to create a website I could finally call my own. Not only that but the resume was in dire need of a major upgrade . So I went to work on that and I am happily satisfied with both for the time being. Check them both out at my website


Story and Animating

Lately I have been coloring in already finished animations, and redoing some animations segments I wasn’t to happy with. One of the hardest things I have found to animate is the hand. In most of the segments I have done so far the hand hasn’t been to important in the scene so I could get a ways with nothing to detailed. But for these latest scenes the hand is rather important.This has lead me to doing some research on hand animations and hand movement.

Also I have been doing some tweaking of the story. The story’s premise is the same but I have been struggling with finding away to transition between areas.The areas I have laid out have a certain disconnect and after talking with my professors I have found that I can use already known story tropes to try and help move the viewer along in the piece but also use those tropes to create an expectation for the following events and then twist those tropes to create an unexpected result.So I will continue adding and tweaking my story boards to invoke this sensation.

Pencil Test

So after a rough week, being sick, and needing some motivation. It happened. It just took alot of watching some other animations and reading of some books to get back out of my slump. The pressure of the IP was getting to me but I’m looking past that and continuing on my journey towards completion. So here are some pencil tests that i completed today. They are pretty rough but serve as the basic foundation for a finished animation segment.

Struggle Bus

So for the past couple of days I have been working on various little segments of animations and let me tell you its getting hard.I have found that animating the hand is extremely hard and have struggled with it quite a bit this week but I am just now getting to a point where I can me comfortable with the rough animation of ir here are some screen shots of progress.


So lately I have been taking a small break from the animation portion of the project and working on some backgrounds and environments. I think I finally have a look that I can keep consistent and really like so here are a small portion of what I have been working on recently